Antibiotics: are they safe to take during pregnancy?

Antibiotics: are they safe to take during pregnancy?

Antibiotics pregnancyFortunately, most antibiotics are fine to take while you’re pregnant, so you don’t have to suffer with a nasty ear or chest infection.

That said, the following aren’t safe to take while you’re pregnant:

  • tetracycline
  • doxycycline (although exposure to doxycycline in your first trimester is not known to carry an increased risk)
  • streptomycin
  • kanamycin

Don’t panic if you’re already taking them when you find out you’re pregnant. Just call your doctor as soon as you can and let her know. She’s likely to give you a new prescription for one of the safer medications, because you still need to treat the problem. Letting infections go untreated during pregnancy can cause more harm to your baby than taking a safe antibiotic.

Now tell us what worked for you…

Did you take antibiotics during your pregnancy?

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