Review – Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Review – Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

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On July 20, 2016
Last modified:September 7, 2016


We can say that this stroller is awesome. Ignoring the lack of accessories, you are treated with a higher-quality, well-manufactured stroller than functions very good as intended, easy maneuver even when loaded unevenly, and smooth strolling

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

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The City Mini Double Stroller  is manufactured by Baby Jogger LLC, a stroller and baby equipment company stated in Richmond, USA. This City Mini Double Stroller series has Side-by-Side type.

Simplicity, convenience, and safety, that’s three words that describe the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller. Here’s our reviews to help you take informed decision.

Features of City Mini Double Stroller

When first launched in 2011, Baby Jogger Double Stroller series including this City Mini series brings some patented features. It brings the latest technology that makes the product different from another stroller.

One Hand Quick Fold Technology

It allows you to fold the stroller simply in only one step. Just lift up the straps, and the double stroller fold itself. It also brings auto-lock system, that will lock the fold for storage or transportation. It is easy as it sounds.

Comfortable Seats

Clearly that Baby Jogger put a big concern to convenience aspect. They built a comfortable seats in every single product they have, including this Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller. These seats stretch out near with weather cover and vents, ensuring your kids feel comfort and safe. You can purchase adjustable belly bar for more kids safety.


Do not feel so worry if the weather is sunny, this stroller brings you a UV 50+ sun canopy easily open and close in different position. Every canopy has two vents which is adjustable individually.


Swiveling front wheel is featured to help you do maneuver easily, especially in the crowded place. The same with Baby Jogger City Select Stroller, it has 8 inches wheel that lets you to stroll smoothly. It reduces the weight so you can save some power. You can just simply lock the front wheel for your long distance strolling. The brake is strong enough. It can hold from rolling even when it loads maximum weight on a hill.

Not only that, the front wheel has a suspension system, that provides a comfort strolling for you and smooth riding for your kids.

Travel System

You can use car seat adapter double to make The City Mini Double Stroller become a travel system in seconds. Make sure to choose a compatible adapter match with your car seats. You can also add Compact Prams to handle your “lovely”  passengers.

Technical Details

The City Mini Double Stroller weigh 26.6 Pounds, and has dimension of 38.5 inches x 29.8 inches x 41.5 inches.  With a simple and strong frame, you can load 100 pounds in maximum.

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City Mini Double Stroller’s Pros & Cons

Actually Baby Jogger, LLC did not manufacture this product for jogging purpose. However, since many people seem to jog with this stroller, here the City Mini Double Stroller reviews.


  • This City Mini Double Stroller weigh about 26 pounds, it is quite light in comparison to other double strollers. Since you can fold flat this stroller, you can save some space when you store or bring this stroller in your car. With belly bar attached, you do not need reattach and remove it at every time when you fold the stroller. You can spare more space since the wheel do pop off and you can fold it flatter.
  • This double stroller seats recline easily secure with adjustable strap, so its movement is smooth. Any motion will not wake kids up when they fall asleep. Mesh opening (when reclined all of the way) allows for airflow to keep the kids breathe well. You can open and close its cover easily.
  • The reclines are individual separated in the middle, kids do not have to be at the same recline position. So if you have one kid sleeping, he or she will not being disturbed by the awake child.
  • This double stroller has good quality, sturdy and well-manufactured. Many customers have had  it since stroller launched at very first time. It is almost four years without any serious complaint. High quality rubber grip, high quality frame, and high quality materials make this product is really worth with its price.
  • City Mini Double Stroller is easy to be cleaned and washed. You can store it in Velcro and Snaps, it will secure the function appropriately. All of the moving parts work smoothly.


The City Mini Double Stroller does not have an adjustable grip, just like no Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller. So if you do not extend your arm, your feet or knees will hit the seats when kids recline back.

You will not find any cup holder or other spare accessories beside attached one. You have to buy Baby Jogger Parent Console Universal, adjustable belly bar, and snack tray separately to keep the stroller clean when you are feeding the kids.

The opening mesh size is too large and let mosquitos or the other bugs come in. The storage bags are quite difficult to access, you have to access it from sideways if you are gonna pick or put something within.

City Mini Double Stroller In Conclusion

From Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller review above, we can say that this stroller is awesome. Ignoring the lack of accessories, you are treated with a higher-quality, well-manufactured stroller than functions very good as intended, easy maneuver even when loaded unevenly, and smooth strolling. It is a great deal, great investment for your pushing excitement. Five stars!

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