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Parents need convenience when they are out and about with their infants or toddlers. The best way that they can look after their comfort or convenience with their child on the move is with the help of a stroller. The single stroller is the simplest form of this unit and then we have the sophisticated types such as the double or the triple stroller. Our discussion here will be limited to a double stroller which probably is becoming the most favorable option for the parents who have two infants or toddlers to manage while they are out on the move.

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Top 5 Best Double Strollers (Side-by-Side)

Top 4 Best Double Strollers (Tandem)

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Duallie StrollerInherit all latest innovative features from BOB Revolution Single, BOB Revolution Duallie double stroller can be a substantial modification of your authentic BOB Duallie design, aimed for you, parents, who decide to go for maneuverable and sturdy stroller that can also be utilized should you want to go jogging:

  • Its entrance swivel wheel features an exclusive mechanism to assist maintain stability plus a straight roll even though locked to the fixed place.
  • In addition, BOB Revolution Duallie keeps a reduced profile and matches easily via normal doorways which makes it a superb double stroller.
  • Its foam-lined, close to flat reclining seats have thick paddings guaranteed for your child’s convenience.

The BOB Revolution Duallie double stroller is a great choice for active parents who need a stroller that can keep up with their variety of activities throughout the week. From powerwalking in the neighborhood, to pushing over grass at the park, and spending the day at theme parks, the BOB Revolution Duallie is built to handle it all.

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Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Double StrollerYou might be running out of time, more often than not, because of urban living. When errands get piled up, it may be very stressful to you. This is where you need City Mini Double Stroller:

  • City Mini Double Stroller comes with reclinable padded seat which is really very suitable to provide complete rest to your tots if they are around 2 to 3 months old and help them sleep comfortably. As a parent, you will definitely fall in love with the comfort provided by these seats.
  • All the strollers don’t come with retractable covers and vented seat tops like this one. It comes with easy to adjust 5-point harnesses that can cover your babies with buckles and shoulder pads.
  • Baby Jogger City Mini comes with its official quick fold technology which allows you conveniently fold this stroller with one hand. It has removable auto lock.
  • The canopies can easily provide great protection to your kids and they can easily be rotated. They are easy to adjust and large so they can easily be moved to any direction and cover the faces of your children. It also has peek-a-boo windows to monitor your kids easily, every now and then.
  • EVA Wheels which are lightweight and come with sealed ball bearing.
  • Front wheel suspension for stability
  • Dual swiveling wheel on front can be locked when you have to stroll for long distances

The City Mini Double Stroller is surely not designed to accommodate your jogging needs. The flaws that have been reported before are not a major issue. Its overall performance remains unaffected with it.

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Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Britax B-Agile Double StrollerAs a parent, you will definitely want the convenience of having an easy to use, convenient and lightweight double stroller. You can do it all with Britax B-Agile Double Stroller. In addition, you can keep an eye on your kids:

  • The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller can easily be attached to Britax baby car seat with its Click and Go Adapter mechanism. It also has receivers installed. This way, stroller can be easy to transport.
  • Whether twins or not, your tots can grow in this stroller because it comes with several recline features. You can start using it just from the time they are infants and continue using it until they turn toddlers. It has supportive, padded seats to make the trip more pleasant and comfortable. It comes with large canopies to cover the kids from sun and rain. This double stroller also has mesh windows to keep an eye on your kids and they can also get the view of the scenery and proper ventilation.
  • The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller comes with thread less harness system that provides added convenience to the parent and children. The supportive and padded seats have 5-point harness with easy to adjust head pad and you don’t have to unhook straps. Your kids can definitely enjoy smooth ride because of its front swivel wheels and all-wheel suspension. You can lock all the rear wheels at once and get the comfort grip from adjustable handle bar. This way, you can easily push the stroller.

The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is really a great choice for those parents who want something solid but comfortable for their kids. Many parents are happy with its convenience and performance.

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InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller

InStep Safari Double Swivel StrollerInStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller represents the most practical traveling solution. The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is very easy to maneuver, thanks to its 12 inches diameter front wheel that can swivel. The larger rear wheels are fixed, ensuring the necessary stability. And the rotating front wheel can also be blocked in a fixed position, so the stroller become easy to push, even if you have a petite stature.

The faux lambskin padded, soft seat turns into a comfortable nest for the little ones, and their position is always the proper one, thanks to the multiple levels of reclining. This way, the babies can even take a nap or a deep sleep, enjoying the benefits of a long open air ride at the same time.

Two large and adjustable canopies that ensure proper shelter against sunshine and light rain, no matter if the children are awake or asleep.

This double stroller really has all the necessary conveniences for a long ride. Both the parent and the baby trays are molded, and they include two cup holders. Besides, carrying the diaper bags and other necessary things is not a problem, thanks to the huge storage space under the seats.

In spite of being built from a lightweight aluminum alloy, the frame of the Instep double stroller does a good job in supporting the whole structure, allowing a maximum weight level of up to 50 pounds per baby.

The safety of the little ones is a major concern of all the parents, but the 5 point harness incorporated by this baby stroller prevents them from slipping and falling, leaving them a great freedom of moving.

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Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 Double StrollerJoovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is a great looking stroller, with a generously-sized canopy, versatility in reclining to various positions, add-ons for parents and other welcome features. Available in various colors, it is not just pleasant to the eye, but also very durable:

  • Due to the large canopy and retractable sun visor, the baby’s sensitive skin will be very well protected against the merciless summer sun.
  • It presents an ergonomic handle that will feel very comfortable while pushing the stroller. The plastic grips are actually very strong, as they have a steel interior. Also, its height is chosen well so that it will be comfortable to push the stroller for most parent heights. Moreover, the smart design of the handle allows you to hang a jacket or your grocery bags on it if needed, without the risk of them falling off.
  • With all six wheels having sealed bearings, pushing the stroller will be a much easier task. Also, the wheels handle bumpy roads perfectly, even when walking at a fast pace.
  • Even though this is not designed as a jogging stroller, it offers the baby a smooth ride even when you are running, as it is also comfortable for you, due to its overall design and lightweight build.
  • Due to the top notch brakes and front wheel locks, the stroller can easily be stopped and parked.
  • Even though the storage basket is huge, it will not hinder the parent’s movements when walking, as it happens with other models.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is designed to fill a giant hole in the double stroller market – a lightweight, “fit through any door”. This side-by-side double stroller that has more room for big American kids.

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Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect StrollerIdeal for growing family, the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect is built with stadium-style seating so even the child in the rear seat gets a better view from his position. Traveling comes in handy with the convenience of this double stroller:

  • It is easy to maneuver for its size and weight as it fits regular-sized doorways and pathways.
  • It can carry a maximum of 40 pounds on each seat without compensating on the level of comfort while on board.
  • There are lockable front swivel wheels to improve the security of the children and rotating canopy for protection.
  • Both are reclining seats with the rear one extending to reclining flat for maximum comfort of the baby.
  • It is furnished with trays and extra large basket to store all the kids’ essentials.

Graco, in providing comfortable and roomy stroller for the family making a walk or travel lot easier, has finally exceeded our expectations with this one.

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Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem StrollerThis one, as its name indicated is an elite double stroller for babies that is capable enough to carry two of your kids in an easy way:

  • The most highly appreciated feature is its capability to adjust the car seats in an easy way in 7 different positions and usage form. Like both seats facing the front side, both facing the rear side, both facing each other both on opposite directions, etc. It is up to your choice, and you can choose which ever position suits you and your infants.
  • It comes with a one car seat adapter while you can buy another one if you need separately.
  • The stroller is very easy to carry when folded, it can be folded with both seats on and you can lock it to keep it in a standing position wherever you want.
  • Canopies on the seats can be expanded to provide maximum cover to your kids and they also come with a mesh windows and zipper mesh expandable coverage.
  • The handle has been positioned to provide maximum control and the rear wheels come with a specialized shock absorbing technology to withstand bumps and jumps without disturbing your baby.

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double StrollerThis stroller is a double stroller that has the capability to be used for two kids simultaneously either with two car seats attached to the system or with one seat and the other kid can stand at the rear platform:

  • There is also a padded rear seat that allows the older kid to sit if he wants to.
  • The stroller can be sued easily with two car seats at the same attached to the system.
  • It is capable of accommodating kids having the body weight about 40 pounds.
  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand is very easy to use and is compact enough in its folded form, to be carried along when you are on travel.
  • The stroller has a well-designed and strong body structure made of metal frame and a high quality fabric that covers the seats and the upper portions.
  • There is also a storage basket right under the care seat attachments.

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Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd SeatSuppose you are trolling with both kids on tow. You are feeling the breeze and humming along for around 15 minutes or so. When you stop somewhere, a smooth leisure time may become nightmare if your kids feel restless or bored. Especially when you are alone in the midway, dealing with this situation can be annoying. This way, you need City Select Double Stroller:

  • The seating arrangements are so well that your kids will love the comfort. The City Select Double Stroller features the reclinable seats so your baby can sleep well when he wants to nap and feels tired.
  • When it comes to convenience, the City Select Double Stroller is engineered with the patented Quick Fold technology so you can easily fold this stroller without any difficulty at all. You can also fold this stroller with just one hand and you can hold your baby with other hand.
  • With City Select Double Stroller, you will be able to keep your kids covered with its innovative multi-functional design. You can choose different seating arrangements of 16 combinations. So, you can definitely keep your babies from getting restless and bored.
  • It has front wheel suspension with lightweight wheels. The sealed ball bearing can provide smooth and comfortable ride to your kids and you can stroll in the park and have light jogging with it. You can also take it into the mall.

Despite some negative reviews, the City Select Double Stroller is ranked among the bestselling double strollers. Parents love this stroller because of its performance. Some parents still invest on it despite the heavy price tag.

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What Is a Double Stroller and Types of Double Stroller

Double Stroller Types
Types of Double Stroller

There are several types of double strollers so the parents have the option to pick the right one which aptly suit their needs and wants. The different types of such units include the double jogging stroller, umbrella double stroller, side by side double stroller, sit and stand double stroller and the tandem double stroller. So you have the liberty to pick one which is tailor-made according to your needs. Each of the double strollers has a specific purpose and specific set of benefits both for the kids and their parents.

A good buy would be the one where the buyer critically analyzes all the types of strollers and then check its feasibility according to their requirements and lifestyle. No decision will be a bad decision if you keep in mind the factors such as productivity, quality, performance and the comfort of both the occupants and the parents. In this guide, we will be discussing in detail about the benefits of the best double strollers and how to ensure the best buy.

Side-By-Side Double Strollers

These double strollers have two-seats, which are located near each other, which gives equal treatment to both children. Each child is provided with a good overview, and a brother or a sister is sitting next, which adds peace of mind. The downside of this double stroller is the width. Not all doors, elevators, car trunks can accommodate a wheelchair. Even when folded, this double stroller is quite big and bulky.

Tandem Double Strollers

Urban lifestyles have become common for many modern parents. Yet the double strollers of days past were cumbersome and frustrating. Enter the tandem stroller. Variations on this clever, more narrow design place your infant and toddler either face-to-face or one over the other. You’ll find models where the bassinet faces you and the seat below looks ahead. Your toddler can look out at all the action wherever you go, while you keep eyes on your infant. Use the configuration that works best for your family to make your stroller experience as hassle-free as possible.

To Each Other Tandem Double Stroller – In such a stroller the seats are arranged train like, one after another. This makes it more compact, but much longer than conventional stroller. In addition, a child who is sitting in the back seat closed strongly enough overview of what can cause a variety of moods. But these pushchairs can be used to transport children of all ages.

Face to Face Double Stroller – is also another type of double stroller. But it has seats arranged so that children can see each other. This allows them to easily communicate and see each other constantly. There is a significant drawback. In case of bad weather, strong winds, it is impossible to put a carriage way to close the back of children. So, this type of double stroller is mostly recommended in countries or in the areas where, there is too many sunny days.

Sit and Stand Double Strollers

See full details article about Sit and Stand Strollers

Double Stroller
Double Strollers – Great for expanding families

Benefits of Using Double Stroller

According to many of the double stroller reviews, they flawlessly offer a number of perks for the users. The first and the foremost condition is to meet the quality standards and then endless benefits would be at your disposal. The following list would give you the top benefits of using a double stroller.

Double Stroller Can Carry Two Kids at Same Time

If you have the right type and the top quality product from the market, then the first benefit that you will get is the ease of managing 2 kids while you are in the market or traveling anywhere. Imagine the life of the parents otherwise where things become very difficult to manage and tiring as well at the same time.

Double Stroller Has Larger Storage

A double stroller means double the storage space as that of a single stroller. Most of them come with a spacious storage compartment underneath the unit which could be utilized not only for placing the stuff of the kids but parents too can use it for placing their shopping bags and lots of other stuff.

Benefit of Double Stroller Types

In-line Double Stroller

A double stroller as mentioned can be of different types which are made for specific purposes to match with the needs of the users. For example, a double jogging stroller could be used by the fitness conscious parents as it is made to be sturdy and can be used easily on the rough tracks without compromising the comfort of the children.

The sit and stand type could be used by kids of dissimilar ages where the younger sibling takes the seat and the elder one takes on to the standing platform at the rear.

And the side by side is a huge stroller, but it does justice for both the kids who are either twins or demands equal treatment by their parents. Finally, the tandem stroller is convenient when parents are shopping in busy malls or where they have to pass through the congested doors either in the market or at the airport security checks.

Double Stroller Is Not Always Big

There is no doubt that such systems are huge and from a distance looks like a very difficult system to manage. However, any best double stroller from a renowned manufacturer has easy to manage features. They are made sturdy but at the same time are lightweight and it is also very easy to fold or collapse them when they need is to place them in the car or when traveling by air.

Safety Features Are the Most Important of a Double Stroller

It is true that parents are much concerned about the security of their children while they are placed in any of the double stroller. They believe that such systems are difficult to manage and the security of their kids could be compromised when they are crossing roads or they are anywhere on the busy shopping streets. But the good thing is that the safety and the security system in the top double strollers are not compromised at all. They come with excellent safety features which include the flawless brake system, seat belt harness system and the locking mechanism for the swiveling wheels.

There is a misconception among the potential buyers that the double strollers are too expensive and not worth the money that they come at. These are all wrong perceptions of the people as the prices of the double strollers are absolutely justified and several of the price crunch deals are offered every now and then from different manufacturers.

How to Determine Which Is the Best Double Stroller for You?

A good double stroller comes with a harness that may protect your kids from any bumps and jolts along the way. A good stroller is sturdy, long lasting and made of heavy duty materials. There are also some fantastic covers that can be added to guard your children from the sun, wind and different elements. There are some models out there with clear covers to protect the kids from rain or snow. These covers are additionally designed to keep your kids warm. A number of the different options makes parents life even easier when utilizing their stroller. There are water bottle holders and racks for bag, packages and additional clothing. Compartments with zippers will keep different belongings safe and secure:

  • Look after the manufacturer’s label which will answer more than half of your concerns regarding the quality of the product.
  • Each and every double stroller is the best one for a specific group of people. The best buy depends on what exactly suits with your lifestyle and needs.
  • Give special attention to the safety system of the unit that you are considering. An excellent belt harness system, locking mechanism and the excellent brake system gives parents the much needed peace of mind that they ever look for.
  • The accessories should be properly weighted which really are thankless items at times. These include the extended sunshades, storage area and the cup holder units.
  • Look after the durability of the system and its resale value as such systems are hardly used for a couple of years or just a bit more.

All you have to do is to carry out sufficient research and determine your needs, and select the one that suits your needs as much as possible and you will get the best out of all available options.

Best Practices When Using a Double Stroller

Besides car seats for baby, the baby stroller is a significant addition to getting your baby to and from different places. Selecting the best baby stroller which is harmless and comfortable for both the parent and the baby is crucial. Sorting through different models can be tough, and learning from any of the company’s stroller reviews can often cause biases. Best Practices When Using a Double Stroller can be simplified with some frequently asked questions:

What Type of Baby Stroller You Are Looking For?

What type of activities you need to use your baby stroller for? Do you go to use it regularly or only less frequently? Will it be used for jogging, walking or traveling? As per the activity level, you may select your kind of stroller like a jogging stroller or the one crafted specially for traveling purpose. If you’ve more than one baby, then you should go for a double stroller. Often it is better to have more than one stroller.

What Type of Double Stroller Will You Be Able to Handle?

Check the size and the weight of the double stroller, though it is brilliant to get a multi-function double stroller. There are certain double strollers much large for a person and the users can have a tougher time placing that in and out of a car in addition to on shopping outings.

Decide on Your Budget

Double strollers can vary in cost from a few dollars to more than hundreds of dollars, but fix in advance how far you are able to spend. There are umbrella double strollers that are usually much inexpensive than regular double strollers, but may not have all the preferences you need. By reviewing double stroller reviews on different internet sites you will easily be able to tally the prices and feedback from the original buyers as to the utmost valuable models within the range of your budget.

How to Get a Good Website for Double Stroller Reviews

There are countless web sites providing information on double strollers, but you wish to search for web sites that can provide unbiased facts. Look for the websites that also includes remarks from persons who have really purchased the double strollers and go through their feedback only.

Before buying your next double stroller, just make sure to study all of your and the baby’s needs. Your double stroller should be with your baby for a few years, hence making your very first selection the correct selection is mainly important.

Some reviewers have commented about the front wheel being unsteady. If the front wheel is in the rotating position while working, but the quaking halts if the wheel is placed in the locked position. Another issue is with the safety limb bands as sometimes they are a bit short.

At BestBabyStrollerJudge.Com, you have all you need.

Best Double Stroller Reviews – Best Strollers Guide

Finding the best double stroller should be pretty easy once you take your needs and budget into account. And of course, safety is a priority. That being said, this will be one of the most important pieces of baby gear you buy since you will be using it a lot. You’ll want to put some thought into this before you run out and buy a stroller.

There are several needs of double strollers, like when traveling, jogging or when you decided to go on a long journey, you’ll certainly need this for the safety and comfort of your child, plus for your own comfort too. Treat this as an investment since it will get heavy use and needs to be safe. With double strollers, there are also additional things to consider and depending on your needs, you may actually find you need more than one stroller. This is very common so budget for more than one or decide when you may need to purchase an additional stroller.

This site is dedicated to information about double strollers to help you with your search. There are many brands, sizes and configurations to consider when looking for the best double stroller for your needs. Hopefully this information and tips will help you find the best double stroller for you and your family.

The first thing you need to do is consider how and where you are going to use a double stroller. There are additional things to consider, but here are some things to ask yourself to determine the best double stroller for your needs.

Where Will You Use the Stroller?

  • Running errands
  • Jogging
  • Travel
  • Weather in your area
  • Urban areas

If you commute with public transportation, you’ll want a lightweight stroller that collapses easily. Jogging requires a special lightweight stroller that’s built for speed and maneuverability. If you’re going to use the stroller for running errands, you want something that fits through doors and store aisles.

How Often Will You Use the Stroller?

Some strollers hold up better to heavy use than others. Lighter umbrella strollers can fall apart quickly if you put them through too much.

Who Will Use the Stroller?

Keep in mind height for everyone using the stroller. You don’t want to be hunched over or have the handles at an uncomfortable height and neither will your spouse. You also don’t want a stroller that’s too heavy to pick up or fold for either of you.

What Features Are Important to You?

Again, think about your needs and look at different strollers to get an idea about the optional features. Do you need a seat that reclines for newborns or rugged tires for going off road? Do you have one child who needs to be in the stroller and an older child who may want to ride occasionally?

How Much Space Do You Have at Home and in Your Car for Storage?

Make sure you take measurements so you get a stroller that fits your space. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on a stroller and find that it doesn’t fit in your trunk. This is particularly true of double strollers since they are bulkier.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Strollers come in a wide range of prices to fit every budget. The most expensive strollers come with more bells and whistles. They also tend to be of higher quality, so they may be worth the investment if you have the money to spend. You may be better off spending more on one really good stroller instead of having to buy 2 or 3 less expensive strollers down the road as they wear out and break.

Once you know your needs, you can start to narrow down the best double stroller type. Double strollers come in different shapes, sizes and configurations.

  • Double umbrella strollers are lightweight, easy to store and easy to fold. However, they may not be as sturdy as some of the other options.
  • In a side by side double stroller, both children sit next to each other. One of the downsides for these strollers is they are very wide. It may be difficult to get through doors or into tight spaces.
  • Tandem strollers are built with the seats in a line verses side by side. Children sit face to face, facing forward or facing you.
  • Jogging strollers are lightweight and easy to maneuver while running. They have sturdy wheels to handle rough terrain and the extra miles you put on them while exercising.
  • Sit and stand strollers are great double strollers when you children are different ages. A younger child can ride but there is still space for an older child who may not need a stroller full time.

Now that you have the basics, sit down and think about what you need and what options you prefer. Jot down notes and then start looking around to find the best double stroller for you and your children.

A Tandem Double Stroller Can Be a Great Asset with Two Kids

Tandem double strollers have front/back inline seating instead of side by side seats. Both children can face forward, face you or face each other. While these strollers are easier to maneuver in tight places than the side by side strollers, the can be heavier and more cumbersome. That being said, it is much easier to use an infant carrier style car seat with a double tandem stroller.

There are some draw backs with a tandem double stroller. In side by side strollers, both seats will fully recline. The front seat of a tandem stroller my not fully lay down. Also, depending on the ages of your children, they may prefer being side by side instead of one riding behind the other. They both have the same view, which may avoid fights about who gets to be in front! Some parents also find a side by side stroller is more stable and they’re willing to give up some of the maneuverability of a tandem.

Its also easy to find a tandem double stroller for a variety of needs. As with all strollers, consider where and how you’ll be using it. If you’re active, you may want to consider a jogging stroller. If you plan to talk off road walks, be sure to look for sturdy tires.

Also remember that a double tandem stroller has to survive the wear and tear of two children, so look for durability. Removable seats that can be tossed in a washing machine can be a godsend!
Some other things to look for include comfortable handle bars. Pushing two children requires more effort, so you want to find something as easy as possible with the handles at the right height.

Tandem Double Stroller Safety

For safety, you want three and five point belts. In a tandem stroller, you also want to pay attention to the wheels and make sure they are sturdy to prevent tipping. Also look for a balanced frame that does not feel weak or wobbly and side and rear protection.

Some nice to have features in a tandem double stroller include canopies, storage and whether it collapses.
You can spend quite a bit on a double stroller. The differences in price usually come down to durability and special features.

Since a tandem double stroller has to endure two children, you may want to spend a little extra money if you can. After all, this will be a very important part of life for you and your kids. Durability and comfort will be key.


The secret to understanding double stroller reviews, particularly for expensive double stroller reviews is to be sensible about what your babies are going to need. If you are not looking forward to be applying your double stroller for extensive walking, then it is effectively to ignore the double stroller reviews for those strollers designed for long distance walking. Reviews for the products with huge price tags often try to highlight the parts in which the product can be heightened and this is the top-secret to the assessment.

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