Bottle Feeding Essentials Checklist

Bottle Feeding Essentials Checklist

Rely on our Bottle Feeding Essentials Checklist to ensure that you have everything needed to feed your newborn baby. Eating is a huge part of your baby’s life. Eating is pretty much all they will do besides sleep when they are really young. A bottle will be your baby’s accessory of choice. Whether you fill that little sucker with formula or breast milk, we have a checklist of all the botle feeding essentials you will need. Before you bring your newborn home from the hospital, it is important that you have everything on hand if you’ve decided to bottle feed. Get started with our handy bottle feeding essentials checklist.

Bottle Feeding Essentials


Your Bottle Feeding Essentials Checklist

  • 4-6 Bottles: Baby bottles come in every shape and size. Your baby may even decide themselves which botle you will use because he or she will prefer a certain nipple.
  • 4-6 Newborn nipples: With nipples, there are a variety of materials, styles, and liquid flow speeds to choose from. You may need to experiment to find a nipple that your baby prefers.
  • Baby Formula: Formula is a must have if you will not be using breast milk. It is hard to know which formula is best for your newborn with so many to choose from. Formulas come in three forms: ready-made, concentrated, and powdered. You should check with your baby’s pediatrician to see which type of formula will be best for your baby.
  • Breast pump: If you are not using formula, you will need a breast pump if you still want to bottle feed.
  • 6 Burp cloths: Burp cloths are a great way to wipe up anything that may spew from your baby’s mouth. The material should be soft and comfortable to protect your baby’s skin.
  • 4-6 Pacifiers
    This will be your baby’s second favorite accessory.
  • Insulated bottle carrier
    Your bottle feeding essentials checklist is not complete without an insulated bottle carrier. These are great for keeping your baby’s bottles warm for extended periods of time.
  • Bottle and nipple brush
    You will need a bottle brush even if you are using a steamer or dishwasher to clean your baby’s feeding bottles. Some spots require a brush to be fully sanitized.
  • Dishwasher caddy for bottles
    Dishwasher caddies are neat dishwasher safe baskets that hold and protect all your baby feeding supplies (nipples, rings and bottle caps)
  • Bottle drying rack
    Bottle drying racks are a good, sanitary way for baby’s bottles to dry fast and easy.
  • Bottle warmer
    Time is very important with so much new responsibility. This will save you a lot of it.
  • Bottle sterilizer
    Bottle sterilizers are a great method for easy and safe cleaning of your baby bottles.

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