Breastfeeding Essentials Checklist

Breastfeeding Essentials Checklist

A breastfeeding essentials checklist will help you prepare for one of the most important tasks of newborn motherhood. Breastfeeding provides an opportunity for wonderful bonding between mother and baby. Plus, there are significant cost savings and health benefits for other and baby. As a caring mother, take time beforehand to make sure you are ready.

Breastfeeding Essentials

Your Breastfeeding Essentials Checklist

  • Breast Pump
    Even if you are breastfeeding, it is a good idea to have a breast pump to help ensure your baby has food even when you are not around. In addition, it will allow Dad to handle some of the feedings so he can bond with the baby as well (and you can get some rest!)
  • 3-4 Nursing Bras
    Nursing bras should be one of the first items on your breastfeeding essentials checklist. They are very comfortable, offer great support, and make nursing easier for your baby.
  • Nipple Cream
    Keep cream on hand to help heal and soothe sore and/or cracked nipples.
  • Nipple Shells
    Nipple shells help protect sensitive nipples by keeping skin from rubbing against clothing.
  • Breast Pads (3-4 pairs)
    Breast pads keep your nipples clean and help to avoid embarrassing situations. You will be surprised at how often your nipples will leak.
  • Breast Ice Pads
    Ice pads for the breasts provide great relief if you are sore or suffering from an infection. They are perfectly shaped to fit your nipples to wear underneath of your nursing bra.
  • 6 Burp cloths
    Burp cloths are wonderful to wipe up anything that may spew from your newborn’s mouth. The material you select should be soft and comfortable to protect your newborn’s skin.
  • Bottle and nipple brush
    You will need a bottle and nipple brush even if you are using a dishwasher or steamer to clean your bottles. Hard to reach spots will require a brush to sanitize properly.
  • Dishwasher caddy for bottles
    Dishwasher caddies are dishwasher safe baskets that hold and protect your baby bottle feeding supplies (nipples, rings, and bottle caps)
  • Baby Bottle drying rack
    Bottle drying racks are a fast, easy, and sanitary way for drying baby bottles.
  • Baby Bottle Warmer
    These will save you lots of valuable time.
  • Baby Bottle sterilizer
    Bottle sterilizers are a great method to safely and easily clean your bottles.

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