Review – Britax B-Ready Stroller

Review – Britax B-Ready Stroller

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On July 6, 2015
Last modified:July 20, 2016


Britax B-Ready Stroller is a highly recommended one for its versatility and convenience that will be beneficial for the modern family.

Britax B-Ready Stroller

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Getting your kid a stroller could be the best choice you will ever make. Perfect for growing family, Britax B-Ready Stroller is built with versatility allowing at least a dozen of configurations that will match your needs. Honestly, baby strollers can be a little expensive, which is why purchasing the right one for the family is very important. Here is a review to help you if this one is for you.


  • This B-Ready Stroller is 26.5 inches wide, 45 inches high, and 40.75 inches high. It weighs 26 pounds without the canopy.
  • It is constructed with 100 percent polyester.
  • The top seat can hold children from six months up to 55 pounds. It can also accommodate a newborn up to 35 pounds when used with bassinet, infant car seat, or a second seat.
  • This stroller can be converted into fourteen configurations and made compatible with other Britax and other infant car seats.

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Britax B-Ready Stroller - 14 Configurations

Pros & Cons


  • CLICK & GO adapter system
    CLICK & GO adapter system

    Fourteen configurations – As mentioned, Britax B-Ready Stroller is a modular vehicle with fourteen configurations to meet the daily grinds of the family. The fourteen configurations are great for starting and growing family. Through its Click-and-Go adapter system, you can easily configure the stroller with the reversible top seat adjustable in four recline positions. You can transform the same into an in line double stroller with the second seat equipped with also four recline positions. The advantage of fourteen configurations is it can be used for kids of any age combination, which makes things extra convenience for the entire family.

  • One-step fold – This baby stroller boasts its quick-fold design that allows the stroller to close in seconds, thru the help of its simple design and automatic chassis lock. You do not have to remove the second seat to fold the stroller. Impressive, right? Aside from that the one-step parking brake allows you to secure the stroller in one place with just one foot.

    Simple fold with automatic chassis lock
    Simple fold with automatic chassis lock
  • Comfortable – If the above mentioned features are not enough to realize how comfortable this stroller can be, here’s more. It is built with foam-filled tires, which unlike air-filled ones, prevent all the bumps and give only smooth ride perfect for kids who love to doze off in the stroller. No need to worry because the same is designed with a five-point harness and head pad to ensure that the baby is safe on board. Whether it is daytime or nighttime, you can always bond with your child through its retractable canopy with ventilation window. Moreover, the stroller comes with a huge storage underneath for all the kid’s essentials and cup holder for mom or dad.


The Britax B-Ready Stroller has also some disadvantages. First, this stroller can be huge and heavy. Although it is better than side doubles stroller, this is pretty wide for a single stroller. Aside from being wide, the same is also heavy making it more challenging for parents to push, move, or store from one place to another. Lastly, the second seat is sold separately, which means additional costs for you.


Overall, the Britax B-Ready Stroller is a highly recommended one for its versatility and convenience that will be beneficial for the modern family. Available in multiple colors, this stroller is a great pick for the stylish moms. Moreover, it is roomy for maximum comfort of the baby. So if you are looking for a reliable stroller for your baby, without a doubt, this one is for you.

Britax B-Ready Stroller Review

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