When does a child start to stand up?

When does a child start to stand up?

baby-stand-upOnce you’ve got over the excitement of your baby learning to sit or even crawl, there comes another major milestone – pulling up to stand. This usually occurs at around 10 months and from a developmental point of view is no simple feat.

In fact, experts consider this one of the most important gross motor (large muscle) milestones because it shows that your child has the stability and strength in his legs and trunk to support his body. Once he has this he’ll be able to move onto his next big accomplishment: walking.

In the meantime, you’ll find that every opportunity he gets, he’ll want to try out his newly learned skill. Depending on his leg and body strength, or how tired he is, he may stand for just a few seconds before dropping onto his bottom, or he may want to take his time enjoying the new view. Keep a hand close by so that when he does decide to sit, he doesn’t hit his chin or forehead on whatever he’s holding on to.

It’s also important to make sure that whatever he’s pulling himself up on can support his weight, and that potentially hazardous items now within his grasp (that coffee cup on the table, for example, or the computer cables hanging from the desk) are removed or secured, pronto!

And don’t wait until your baby is actually pulling up to stand before making his cot safer. Children often surprise you, so as soon as he turns six months, play it safe and lower the cot base.

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