Depilation (hair removal) – is it safe in pregnancy?

Depilation (hair removal) – is it safe in pregnancy?

Depilation Hair RemovalSmooth, hair-free legs might be the last thing on your mind right now… Then again, you may shudder at the idea of letting nature do its thing.

An increase in body and facial hair is common in pregnancy and often starts as early as the first trimester. This is perfectly normal and is caused by a surge of sex hormones known as androgens. The good news is that this increased growth is temporary and should return to normal within six months of giving birth.

While you will probably be delighted with your thicker locks, you may feel the need to depilate your legs and armpits more regularly, assuming hair removal is part of your normal beauty routine.

Some women also find that hair grows in previously unproblematic areas such as their breasts, around the nipples, stomach, upper lip and chin. While this can be alarming, remember it’s temporary. However, if you are concerned that your hair growth is excessive, consult your GP or midwife.

The good, the bad and the stubbly…

Go ahead

  • Shaving – but be careful not to slip in the bath or shower. As your tummy grows you may need help reaching awkward places!
  • Tweezing – there are no known contra-indications in pregnancy so pluck away
  • Threading – similar to tweezing and considered perfectly safe

Proceed with caution

  • Waxing – it’s wise to do a patch test first as your skin is likely to be more sensitive right now. If you’re in any doubt, check with your GP or midwife if there is a medical reason why waxing may not be suitable for you during pregnancy

Best to avoid

  • Laser and electrolysis – health professionals don’t recommend this during pregnancy
  • Hair removal cream and bleaching – the body absorbs chemicals through the skin and although there is no evidence that depilation creams and bleaches cause harm to your baby, there have been no studies to prove they’re safe, either.

Now tell us what worked for you…

How did you get rid of unwanted hair during your pregnancy?

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