Helping round the house: should tweens tidy their bedroom?

Helping round the house: should tweens tidy their bedroom?

Kids roomYes, yes and yes! Not only should tweens tidy their bedroom, they should help to keep communal areas of your house in order, too. How many times have you had to march around on a housework mission, picking up socks from the sofas, books left on the stairs and pens scattered on the kitchen table… the list goes on.

Even toddlers are capable of understanding tidy-up time but it’s never (well, almost never) too late to train your child to take care of his immediate surroundings.

No messing

Some kids are naturally neat and tidy, others need cajoling. If your tween creates a maelstrom wherever he is, start small. Encourage him to attend to one area of his bedroom to begin with – emptying his washing basket, say, or keeping his bedside table neat and tidy. Praise him for his efforts, then fan out his areas of responsibility until he is tackling the whole room – and beyond!

Done and dusted

Some families find it useful to have a designated tidy-up time. Saturday mornings, for example, before homework or weekend fun begins. That way, the boundaries are clear and everyone knows what is expected of them.

Alternatively, little and often may be your preferred option to keep the mess at bay; that way your child is trained to keep on top of the things, bit by bit, and not in one chaotic fell-swoop.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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