How do you know when your daughter needs a bra?

How do you know when your daughter needs a bra?

Changing times

At junior school I was teased mercilessly by boys and those ‘fried egg’ comments really stung… These days, children are developing earlier than previous generations and it’s not unusual for girls as young as 10 to have breast buds or even a cleavage by the age of 12 or 13.

Girl talk

Girls with brasAs your daughter approaches puberty, you’ll need to talk to her about the changes her body will go through in the next few years, from periods to spots and womanly curves.

Be sensitive to her feelings and don’t sit her down for The Bra Talk; the conversation might flow more easily when you’re washing up, or in the car, when you can’t eyeball her. Some girls – and mums – will find discussions of this nature extremely embarrassing, so pick your moment with care.

Follow her lead too. If she blushes furiously and insists that she’s perfectly happy wearing vests, drop the subject until the time seems right or she brings it up again.

Bra or bust

Once your daughter’s developed enough of a bust to need support, she’ll need to wear a bra for comfort and modesty’s sake.

Peer pressure is a major influence on tweens and most girls want to emulate their pals when it comes to clothes. So if your daughter’s close mates are sporting bras by the time they start secondary school, it’s likely she’ll want to do the same… even if her chest remains resolutely flat.

Retail therapy

There’s an excellent selection of bras available for all shapes and sizes. If your tween acquiesces, take her for a girly day out and get her measured in-store by a trained fitter. However, she may find this too cringe-worthy for words and you might find it simpler to grab an armful of different styles and head for the changing room.

Common boobs

  • Getting ready for PE in the presence of boys can be embarrassing for early developers at primary school. Ask your daughter’s teacher if there’s another room she could change in.
  • Boys can be beastly. If your tween is teased about her breasts (or lack thereof), reassure her that she’s gorgeous and normal… and will grow in her own good time.
  • Make sure your daughter doesn’t feel left out, even if she shows no signs of developing a bust. Treat her to some pretty cropped tops or strappy vests that will make her feel grown-up and part of the tween scene.

Now tell us what worked for you…

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