How do you stop a toddler being rough with a new baby?

How do you stop a toddler being rough with a new baby?

When you’re used to having Mummy’s attention 24/7, a new baby in the house can come as a nasty surprise. Here are a few ways to bring your little one round to the idea…

Choose the setting

Toddler and babyYour toddler may become angry and jealous if she arrives home to discover a new baby in her house with Mummy and Daddy. The hospital is a neutral location, so make the introductions there – then you can all leave and take the new baby home together.

Have a gift ceremony

Presents are a great way to get an older sibling on side. Tuck a gift in the baby’s cot and make a big show and dance of your toddler finding it. This will also give her something to play with at the hospital when she loses interest in the new baby. She may even want to make a special gift or card for the baby.

Recruit a helper

Your older child may feel left out during feeding and changing times, so involve her in them by asking her to fetch you the baby wipes, for example, or leaving her in charge of the nappies.

Pay attention

Try to set aside at least 20 minutes of one-on-one time with your older child to give her the special attention she needs. This could be a story while the baby is sleeping or having tea together when daddy gets home.

Play dolls

One way to occupy your little one while you’re caring for the baby is to give her a baby doll of her own to look after and change. If she isn’t interested in dolls, have a special toy or book reserved only for changing/feeding time to help keep her safe and occupied.

Enjoy quality time

Both parents should make an effort to spend days out with your older child out – a trip to the park, cinema or library will go a long way in reassuring her that being the older sibling has some great perks.

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