What to Look for When Buying a First Years Stroller

What to Look for When Buying a First Years Stroller

What an exciting time in anyone’s life having to look for a first years stroller for the new baby. It is such a great time in our lives making sure that we get the right essentials for the little baby without having to go overboard in terms of cost. To help new parents out there, I have focused on putting together a variety of products for the new baby that represent good value and have good quality. But first, some helpful tips for the new parents (and of course Grandparents).

When it comes to buying a first stroller for your newborn baby, there are a few things that you need to consider to choose the perfect first years stroller. Buying your first stroller can be an enjoyable experience, as you find the best stroller for your baby that also suits you. To start with, there are many different types of strollers available, and depending on your needs and convenience, you can choose which one will be most suitable for you.

You will want a stroller that will be very safe, and you should take a look at its features to see which one satisfies you. The first stroller you buy should be of good quality and design, and come with features that make it convenient.

Select A First Years Stroller That Meets Your Needs

There are four main different types of baby strollers that can be suitable for your newborn, including travel system strollers, seat strollers, and special purpose strollers. Traditional umbrella strollers are not designed for infant use. A car seat stroller combo is an all in one baby stroller that can be easily converted into a car seat.

With newborn babies who nap a lot, strollers carseat combo allow you to quickly shift the car seat from the car base to the stroller, and vice versa, without disturbing their sleep. The stroller can function as both a stroller and a car seat for infants, and when your baby gets older, the stroller function can be used on its own. This makes a travel system stroller convenient and cost efficient in the long run.


Seat strollers are strollers that are strapped to the car seat, and are very convenient, and are less bulky than travel system strollers. There are also special purpose strollers, which are usually in the form of jogging strollers, and double or triple strollers. Jogging strollers are suitable for activity, but are not likely to be your first stroller as the baby has to be at least six months old. Double and triple strollers are useful for carrying more than one baby at a time. Deciding on the type of stroller that you will need is one of the first things you need to consider when buying your first baby stroller.

Safety Is Essential

You will want a first years stroller that is safe and supports your newborn baby. A stroller that is suitable for a newborn baby is one that includes a back reclining feature, since newborn babies are not able to sit up. The stroller should be able to hold your baby’s weight safely. Depending on whether you want to use your first stroller for the long term, you might choose to get a stroller that accommodates the weight of a newborn to the weight of a toddler.

A safe first years stroller comes with a secure harness that provides a comfortable fit for your baby. A five point harness is usually the safest option for your baby. You should choose a stroller that has a brake system, which can have 4-brakes or rear-wheel brakes. You should look for stability in strollers, and make sure that strollers are well-balanced and remain upright when weight is applied to their handles. For instance, you wouldn’t want a stroller to tip over when a diaper bag hangs off the handle. Strollers that are designed for infants come with good stability. While all strollers are designed to be as safe as possible, you should make sure, just in case, that there are no sharp corners or point parts in the stroller. Strollers that have the JPMA seal can help you identify safe baby strollers.

Quality And Design Can Make All The Difference

You should also consider the quality, design and features of a stroller to determine whether it will be the best first years stroller for you. Good quality strollers have strong wheels that can be manoeuvred easily. Strollers with foam handles are more comfortable to grasp, and some strollers come with adjustable handles to accommodate for your height.

Convenient strollers can be folded, unfolded and carried with ease, making them easy to pack away or transport when traveling. A lot of baby strollers have weather hoods and storage baskets. You can choose between lightweight strollers, which are convenient for lots of traveling, and standard weight strollers. Strollers with metal frames, made from aluminium or steel, are generally more durable than those made of plastic. You will want to your first years stroller be of good quality, and long lasting.

There are a number of first years strollers to choose from. They come in different brands, from the First Years Stroller range through to Britax and Joovy to Graco, Baby Jogger and Bob Revolution to name just a few. Baby stroller brands that are well known and popular can be a good option since they are likely to be safe, good quality and long-lasting.

In the coming pages, we will be looking at several popular strollers and hopefully you will be able to find the right first year stroller for your new addition to the family.

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