New Baby Checklist

Welcome to New Baby Checklist, a child page of Baby Stroller Judge! We have everything you need to prepare for the arrival of a child and life as a new parent. We offer shopping checklists on all must-have newborn gear including nursery i, diaper options, registry & parenting advice, hospital essentials and much more. You’ll also find other helpful information for moms such as pregnancy workout plans and nutritional advice to prepare you for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

New Baby Checklist

List of Newborn Essentials for Pregnant Moms

Why would you need a new baby checklist? No one wants to be a bad parent and preparing for the arrival of a new born child can be overwhelming. Having a comprehensive checklist takes all the guess work out of parenting and allows you to focus on the fun parts (like shopping). While the joy that giving birth brings is completely worth it, there is still a lot of overwhelming preparation involved.

“It’s indescribable. You hold this newborn, and you realize you’ve got responsibilities like you’ve never had before.” (Tom Cruise)

At New Baby Checklist, we offer the most extensive lists of newborn gear available on the internet. It’s all completely FREE to help you get ready for life as a new parent! A bit of well-planned preparation and helpful advice today will reduce frustration down the road. Just post this shopping list in your nursery so that your options are easily available while you make your preparations. After you stock up on all of your baby gear, you can continue to use your list to monitor your supplies to ensure that you never fall short on any necessities. These lists are also a wonderful option for assistance in planning your baby registry.

New Baby Checklist – Printable

New Baby Checklist Feeding Essentials

Feeding your child is an exciting experience and a wonderful time for bonding with your child. Having a new baby checklist for feeding is essential to organize all of your shopping needs for feeding and caring for a newborn. Finding the proper feeding products is very important for your baby’s health and nutrition. Whether you are nursing or using the bottle, our list will help pick up everything you need. Some of the common items you will find on this portion of the list are bottles, nipples, burp cloths, pacifiers, nursing pillow, bottle brush, dishwasher caddy, bottle sterilizer, Gerber feeding spoons, nursing bras, high chair and a few other things. For a complete checklist of all the items you will need, click on the link above.

Baby Feeding Essential

Having a baby feeding essentials checklist when getting used to feeding your newborn is a huge help. You should utilize the checklist to help you to organize all of your needs and requirements for properly feeding your baby. Just post the checklist on your refrigerator so that it is easily available while you make all of the preparations for your new baby. Then after you stock up, you can use your checklist to monitor your feeding supplies and make sure that you never fall short on feeding bottles, bibs, formula, etc. It is important that you make your baby feeding checklist well before your baby is born so you can make sure you and your baby will be ready.

A baby feeding essentials checklist includes obvious items such as bottles and nipples. However, it should also include items like bottle sterilizer and burp cloths to wipe up any liquid that your baby may spit up. Other items included should be a baby bottle rack, nursing bras, and nursing pillows. For additional ideas, you can talk to your friends and find out which items they included in their baby feeding essentials checklist. Or, for your convenience, we have already put together a complete list below.

Bottle Feeding vs Breastfeeding?

Bottle Feeding vs Breast FeedingJust select your preferred method of baby feeding for a free baby feeding essentials checklist. Which method is better? The debate between breastfeeding versus bottle feeding has long been discussed everywhere that new moms and soon-to-be mothers gather. Both sides have valid arguments and each option has pros and cons. What it really comes down to in the end is that the only right decision is the one that works best for you and your child.

Choose the Baby Feeding Essentials Checklist that applies

BOTTLE Feeding Essentials Checklist
BREASTFEEDING Essentials Checklist

Diapering Essentials

Cloth or disposable? Huggies, Pampers or Luvs? Moms and dads have many options in this category. You’ll want to make all of these decisions before the child is born. Diapers, rash ointment baby wipes and a dirty diaper bin are a few of the things you need to diaper your kid and ensure that they stay clean and comfortable.

Diapering Essentials

Check out our parenting advice article about Amazon Mom: the cheapest way for moms and dads to buy cheap diapers online.

Must-Have Nursery Gear

Baby Nursery Gear

Want to learn the top essentials for a nursery? As you get ready for the birth of your child, the most exciting part will be preparing the nursery. A crib, mattress, diaper changing table, dresser, hamper and humidifier are some of your must-have baby gear for planning a nursery. Check The Baby Nursery Checklist for Newborns

*Tip – Be sure to include all of these items on your registry.

Newborn Clothing and Linens

Baby Clothes

A few key pieces of infant clothes are essential for the first few weeks after a child’s arrival. Considering that newborns are messy, plan on having more than one of each item. It will also be helpful to have a lot of these items with you at the hospital to care for your child after they are born. Linens are also a very important part of preparing for a newborn’s arrival. Keep you child warm, comfortable and happy with these new baby checklist must-haves. Some of the items you will find on the list are t-shirts, bibs, onsies, pajama/sleeper sets, booties, mittens, baby hangers, mattress pads, crib blankets, sheets & comforters, receiving blankets, swaddle sets and a few other adorable items.

Cleaning & Hygiene

Baby Bath Time

Here is a peek at the bathing shopping checklist for an infant. Always remember that a clean infant is a happy infant. Below you will find all the supplies and newborn gear that moms will need to ensure a child stays fresh and clean!

  • Bathing tub (a great item for your baby registry)
  • 4 to 6 washcloths
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby body wash
  • 2-4 hooded bath towels
  • Baby powder

*New Baby Checklist Helpful advice: Don’t forget to bring your car seat to the hospital with you.

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