Is it OK to take children out of school during term-time?

Is it OK to take children out of school during term-time?

family-holidayEveryone needs a holiday and sometimes the only practical and affordable time to go is during term time.

Although most schools and local authorities do acknowledge that it can be very expensive to go away during school holidays, especially if you have a large family, taking your children out of school during term time is generally frowned upon.

By law, parents do not have the right to expect the school to allow a child time off for family holidays. Having said this, schools can, at their discretion, grant a child up to 10 days holiday each academic year. Some schools may be reluctant to agree to this time if they feel the child’s education will suffer as a result. They will take into consideration the following points:

  • What is the child’s attendance like – does he attend school regularly, has he had lots of absences through illness, other holidays or unauthorised absences?
  • What year group is the child in – what will he be missing?
  • What the child’s performance is like in school – a child who struggles may find it even more difficult to catch up when he returns to school.

As a parent I am sure you will also have thought about these issues.

On the whole I feel that if the family takes a good, well deserved rest once a year, this can only help to create a happy home life and if a child is happy, learning will be easier. Remember, school is not the only place where children learn. The holiday, wherever you go, can be an education too.

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