Scalp: how should a baby’s scalp be cared for?

Scalp: how should a baby’s scalp be cared for?

Baby scalpWhether your baby is born with a mane of thick hair or completely bald, there’s nothing like the scent of a newborn’s head. As you take in that sublime smell, you’ll notice that he has a soft spot at the top of his head (the fontanelle), where the skull bones have not completely fused together, and another towards the back.

His skull, designed to be pliable enough to pass through the birth canal, may be misshapen in the first few days after birth (especially if forceps were used during labour), and you should expect scurf and cradle cap on his scalp in the coming weeks.

How to care for your baby’s scalp:

  • Use a soft flannel to gently wash your baby’s scalp (and face) with warm water when needed. You can also use mild soap or baby shampoo, although experts recommend using soap only once or twice a week since the detergents can dry out a baby’s sensitive skin.
  • After washing, gently rub your baby’s scalp with a towel to dry the hair and slough off any dry skin.
  • If your baby’s scalp seems a little dry, try rubbing in a few drops of olive oil after a bath.
  • If his scalp develops persistent scaly patches or becomes inflamed, talk to your health visitor or GP.

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