Solids: when should babies start having them?

Solids: when should babies start having them?

Solids baby first foodExperts recommend you don’t start feeding your baby solids until six months of age. Until this time babies should get all the nutrition they need from breast milk or formula, and, by waiting, it lowers the likelihood of your baby developing a food allergy.

That said, some babies appear ravenous at four months. So how will you know when to start pureeing those vegetables? Well, somewhere between four and six months you’ll notice a pair of tiny eyes staring at you whenever you’re tucking into your cereal. Take the hint!

Here are a few other signs your baby is ready to try solid food:

  • Your baby can sit for short periods with support
  • Your baby has good head and neck control
  • Your baby seems hungry all the time and isn’t satisfied by extra milk feeds
  • Your baby has started to wake more frequently in the night demanding to be fed
  • Your baby’s tongue thrust reflex (a touch on the lips results in the tongue pushing out of her mouth) and gag reflex (coughing if a foreign object like a spoon moves into her mouth) have lessened

When you start weaning, keep the focus on introducing new tastes, not filling her up. She’ll continue to get most of her nutrition from her liquid diet, so take it slow, and follow her cues. Repeatedly pushing food out with her tongue, closing her mouth, or pushing away the spoon are signs to give it a rest and try it again in a few days.

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