Teacher problems: what to do when your child doesn’t like his teacher

Teacher problems: what to do when your child doesn’t like his teacher

It can be very distressing when relationships with your child and others break down. A bad experience with a teacher can have long-term negative affects on a child’s education.

Firstly you need to ascertain why your child doesn’t like his teacher. Is it one particular incident that has triggered such a strong emotion or is it more general – a clash of personalities, frustration because he finds the work too easy or too difficult, because the teacher shouts a lot? Once you have found out what the problem seems to be, it may be possible just to talk it through with your child, explaining things from the teacher’s perspective.

How to help

Child and teacher problemsIf you feel that your child is being singled out unfairly, or that there are several issues to be addressed, you will need to go and talk to his class teacher. As his parent you have a right and an obligation to stick up for him and try to resolve any conflicts. From my experience, the best way of achieving this is by staying calm, then:

  • Make an appointment to meet with the class teacher at a convenient time when other parents are not around and when you can have the teacher’s full attention.
  • Gently explain the issues from your child’s perspective.
  • Listen to the teacher’s views.
  • Together work out a solution. If your child is with you, he needs to be involved in this.
  • If necessary arrange a follow up meeting to review how things are going.

Things should quickly start to get better. If there is no improvement, it may be necessary to speak to the head teacher. If all else fails and you feel that everything has broken down, I would suggest talking to someone on the governing body. Hopefully it will never need to come to this.

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