Walking: when do babies start?

Walking: when do babies start?

Baby walkMost babies tend to take their first steps around 13 months. But, as with most milestones, this age varies hugely – your baby might walk at 11 months, while another baby won’t until he’s 17 months old.

At first, she may only take one or two sideways steps before grabbing hold of a chair to help her regain her balance. Putting one foot in front of the other and taking several steps in a row may not come for another few months.

You can help her gain her confidence by holding both hands as she practices this new skill. Then, as she’s becomes more steady, you can try getting her to grasp one or two of your fingers.

At first, she might waddle like a penguin: legs wide, feet turned out, and arms flailing. But by 18 months, she should be much steadier on her feet.

While she practices indoors (the safest place for beginners), do her a favour and ditch the baby shoes and socks (no matter how cute). Walking barefoot brings the feet into closer contact with the walking surface, allowing your baby to adjust the position of her feet more easily.

If your baby isn’t walking at all by 18 months, you may want to consult your GP or health visitor to rule out any physical or developmental causes.

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