What does your baby really need?

What does your baby really need?

The world is full of baby gear. But they actually need far less than you might imagine

Baby bath

Baby RoomMention baby baths to grandma and she will probably start laughing. Babies of her generation were washed in the sink – and it didn’t do them any harm. Yes, you can quite easily dispense with a plastic bath and happily bathe bubs in a wash basin. Just wrap a towel round the taps.

Moses baskets

With their pretty ribbons and decorated canopies Moses baskets are a tempting buy. Trouble is they only last the few months ’till your baby starts to pull himself upright. If you can resist, better to invest in a good cotbed. It’ll see your baby through from birth to around 5 years.

Baby monitor

In recent years baby monitors have begun to look like something from the Starship Enterprise. Features now include 2-way talk-back to baby, digital temperature displays, and ‘last feed’ timers. In most cases a cheap, basic one way listening device is all you will actually need. If you live in a small house or flat the best monitor may simply be a good pair of ears.

Changing tables

They may seem like a bright idea but changing tables take up valuable space and being high up require you to keep a constant eye on your baby to make sure he doesn’t fall off. A plastic changing mat on the floor will do the job – and it’s only a fraction of the price.

Sterilising stuff

Do you really need electric food warmers and steam sterilisers? No. Most will eventually join that yogurt maker in the back of the cupboard. You can just as effectively zap a microwaveable bottle or use Milton solution in a plastic container.


You can pay hundreds for a designer buggy with a limited lifespan. A baby sling for the first three months followed by a lightweight stroller could be all you ever need.

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