What is baby signing?

What is baby signing?

baby-sign-languageBeing a parent can sometimes feel like pure guesswork, especially when it comes to placating a screaming baby. Which is why a growing number of parents are teaching their children Baby Sign Language.

You can begin teaching your baby simple signs from as young as six months, starting with common terms such as ‘more’, ‘drink’, ‘sleep’, ‘eat’, and ‘thank you’. Use the signs consistently and, in two to three months, your baby will be able to let you know when she’s feeling tired or thirsty without having to resort to tears.

Some parents worry signing may delay their baby’s language skills, but the majority of research has found otherwise. In fact, experts recommend signing in cases where there could be a language delay – if your baby was very premature, for example.

Just make sure you always speak the word while using the sign so your baby doesn’t rely on signing alone to communicate.

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