Wind: how do you burp a baby?

Wind: how do you burp a baby?

Burp your babySome babies are naturally very windy – from both ends! They swallow air with every feed and let out a satisfying belch when you pat their back. If your baby is prone to wind, winding (or burping) is a good idea to stop it getting trapped and giving him tummy ache (thrusting his legs out straight and crying after a feed are a sure sign of this). There are several ways to wind a baby, and as you learn to read your baby’s signals, you’ll work out which is best for him. In the meantime, you could give the following a try:

Standing – In this classic winding position, you hold the baby up to your shoulder and gently pat his back. As your baby grows and his head gets steadier, you may find that putting the middle of his tummy on your shoulder so that his upper half is above you works even better. However you try it, have a muslin ready just in case your baby brings up a little milk.

Sitting – Sit your baby sideways, leaning slightly forwards on your lap, supporting his torso and head with one hand while rubbing or patting his back with the other. Sometimes just putting him in a sitting position will bring out a satisfyingly loud burp.

Lying – Lay your baby facing you on your lap and bend his legs up and down to pump out a burp (beware: this may also encourage air to come out in another direction!).

Facedown – Lay your baby on his tummy on your lap and pat or massage his back. Colicky babies find this position particularly soothing.

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