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Your baby should have all the comfort in the world while you travel around here and there running about your errands. The mode of transport used for your baby must fulfill all criteria of convenience, comfort, safety and style. A baby stroller will continue to accommodate the baby even as time passes and the baby grows out of his/her clothes but not the stroller. Parents should wisely invest in a good and sturdy baby stroller that will stand the test of time. An investment will be made after careful consideration of all the factors affecting a situation.

Everybody has different needs and priorities. Some want a baby stroller that can evolve and change with the baby. Others need strollers that can accommodate more than one baby. Rest assured that the market has all the stuff to satisfy your needs. This mode of transportation, which is an essential requirement for parents is widely available in different shapes and sizes in the market. It is a must buy for any parent until the baby learns to walk on his own.

Sometimes it becomes extremely hard for one to tell which type of baby stroller will prove to be the best for them. And price is also a major consideration. So it can be seen that many factors play their part and thus such a simple thing can be turned into a hard decision.

We Are Here Helping You on Buying The Best Strollers

We here present this guide for you to assist in this mission of yours. In this guide, we will tackle all aspects one by one, which arise when buying strollers. We will inform you about the different types of strollers out there which will be able to satisfy your needs. We also will tell you all the cheap and expensive options you have. Lastly, we will tell you what you need to look for when buying a baby stroller to further inform you on this subject.

All in all, we will set you on the path to right parenting and that starts from buying the best stuff for the comfort of your child. Our baby stroller reviews will inform you about your options and thus, you will be equipped with all the information about baby strollers. We are confident that you will get to know everything you need to know when choosing this for your child. Read below to know about the best strollers your money can buy right now.

The Main Types of Baby Stroller

Before shopping for anything specific, you really need to know what type of baby stroller you want to get. Once you have this nailed down, it just comes down to making a list of the strollers you like and selecting one based on personal preference.

The main types of stroller we will look at today include lightweight, standard, double, jogging and travel system. For each baby stroller type, we create comparison charts of the best strollers on the market refer to review of the customers, you can check by clicking to the images below. Let’s start off with the Lightweight models.

Lightweight Strollers and Umbrella Strollers – Great for Travel

Lightweight Umbrella Strollers Comparison
At some point or another, almost every family with a child will own a lightweight stroller. Most strollers in this group are known as umbrella strollers, since they fold up and have those rounded handles like an umbrella. The most important things to know about these strollers are that they are lighter than other types (weighing in at 15 pounds or less) and they fold up more compact than other models.

Benefits of Lightweight Strollers

First of all, these types of strollers are great to keep in the car all the time. You do have a trade off with these strollers though, aren’t going to find many extra features. And you might have a storage area under the seat, but it probably won’t be easy to get to. You may have a small compartment up to for a drink and maybe to hold your keys, but your child most likely won’t have any kind of tray.

One other thing to remember is that if you have a habit of hanging your diaper bag on the handles, you really need to be careful with an umbrella stroller, as they are so light that they can tip over pretty easily. We couldn’t hang our diaper bag on our lightweight stroller until our son was around 18 pounds and we always have to take the diaper bag off before taking him out of the stroller (otherwise it will flip right over, as it has for us on dozens of occasions).

Umbrella Stroller Usage

Even with these faults, these are really useful in quite a few situations and most are relatively inexpensive. If you travel a lot and are short on space, these are definitely the way to go. One thing to remember too is that there are exceptions to every rule. If you are willing to pay more, you will find lightweight strollers with many features. Some of these are nice enough that they can be your main stroller. From the time our son was 10 months old to his current age of 16 months, we have used a lightweight stroller as our main stroller. The only other stroller we use is a jogging stroller when we go out on rough terrain.

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Standard Baby Strollers – Comfortable and Durable

Standard Baby Strollers Comparison
The next stroller we will look at is the full feature baby stroller. For most families, either this stroller or a travel system will be one of the first things they purchase. These are the most common strollers you will see when you walk into a big department store. This is also the type of baby stroller where you will have the biggest selection, the most features and the biggest price range.

Since this is such a wide-open category, every single feature and characteristic of the baby stroller varies from model to model. As far as size goes, most are pretty similar. They are heavier than the umbrella strollers, commonly weighing in at 20 to 30+ pounds. Some models are now being made with aluminum frames, which helps to reduce the weight.

When folded up, they will usually take up about two to three times more room than a typical umbrella. Unfolded, they are usually around 50% bigger. This usually isn’t an issue at all as it really has no effect on usability. Its bigger size makes it more stable, so you won’t have any worries when hanging that diaper bag on the back. These strollers usually have better wheels and suspension, so you will have a smoother ride for both your baby and you as the operator.

What You Can Expect from a Standard Stroller?

As far as other features go, you can expect many standard items. These strollers usually have nice storage compartments that are easy to access. They also should have a child’s tray that can hold snacks and a cup, along with some type of tray for the parent that can hold a few cups and a storage compartment.

For the child’s area, you should expect a seat that reclines, possibly to an almost flat position. This seat should have either a five point harness or a convertible three point to five point harness for when the child gets older. You should also have a canopy that shades the seat and possibly moves forward or backward. This stroller should also have a good weight capacity, maybe 40 or 50 pounds. This means that you will be able to use this baby stroller for as long as your child needs one.

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Double Strollers – Great for Expanding Families

Double Strollers Comparison
If you are looking for a double stroller, then you are one of those brave souls that are going to brave going out into the world with multiple children! We don’t have any great advice to offer you in that regard, but what we can tell you is that you will have many options when it comes to double strollers.

The first thing we might as well get out of the way is the size. These baby strollers are going to be big, require lots of trunk room and they will be heavy to lug in and out of the car. However, if you are taking the kids out and about by yourself, then this really is the best option.

There are several types of double strollers available on the market today. These include the side-by-side, the tandem and the sit-and-stand. The side-by-side models are good when you have two children around the same age. Then tandem units, which place one child in front of the other, are great when you have two children of different ages. On some models, one of the seats can receive a car seat and lock it in. On other models, the rear seat folds nearly flat, so your infant can sleep.

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Sit and Stand Strollers – Be a Fun Novelty

Sit and Stand Strollers Comparison
The sit-and-stand models are perfect for an infant and an active toddler. With these models, an infant stays in the seat (or in a car seat that has been latched in) and the toddler has a platform to stand on and a bench to sit on. This allows them to walk for a while and then easily get back in the stroller. If you need a jogging stroller, you can also find several double jogging strollers on the market today.

We could go on talking about double strollers for another couple thousand words and we have, so if you want to read more about them, click link above for double stroller and one below for sit and stand stroller.

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Travel Systems (Baby Strollers Carseat Combo) – Easy Life, Worry-Free

Baby Strollers with CarSeat Comparison
Many, many first time parents start out with a travel system. No other option offers the simple convenience of moving your child from the car to a stroller and back again. These systems usually come in a bundle with a car seat, one or two receiving bases that stay in the vehicle and a full size baby stroller.

All you have to do is place your child in the car seat while you are at home, carry him or her out to the car and it quickly snaps into its base. Throw the stroller in the back and off you go. Once you get to the store, pull the stroller out, unfold it, unlatch the car seat and lock it into the stroller. Lock the car and you are ready to go.

Once your child gets a little older, you can place him or her directly in the stroller, just as you would with a full size baby stroller. Most of the strollers that come with these travel systems could easily be classified as full feature baby strollers. They offer similar features, such as the trays, cup holders, storage areas and canopies.

These strollers fold up fairly easily, but still take up about 25 to 50% more trunk space than an umbrella stroller. You will also find that they are usually not quite as nice as a stand a one full feature baby stroller. Again, a lot will depend on how much you are willing to spend. Our family started out with this system and used it until our son was ready to graduate to a lightweight stroller.

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Jogging Strollers – Fun for Both Mom and Baby

Jogging Strollers Comparison
So you’re ready to hit the ground running, are you? While they are called jogging strollers, many of the strollers that make up this group could also be known as all terrain strollers. But before we get into the features, let’s talk about size.

Most jogging strollers are big and heavy. Our jogging stroller weighs in at over 25 pounds. These usually have bigger wheels and take up even more space than a full sized baby stroller, typically taking up as much space as a double stroller. You will get a workout just putting the stroller in your vehicle and taking out again.

What’s Special of Jogging Strollers?

These strollers do have some really good features though. Many features those big wheels, which make them great for going outdoors and for uneven surfaces. Our jogging stroller has 16-inch rear wheels. We have taken it on trails in the mountains, to the beach and everywhere in between. I can think of no other type of baby stroller that would have been this versatile.

These strollers usually have roomy seats and a good canopy that rotates multiple ways to help prevent wind, sunlight and rain from bothering your baby. You should also expect to have a tray for the parents to hold water bottles, keys and a cell phone. Many models also have a tray for the children.

Most jogging strollers also feature good suspension systems with a locking front wheel. I never knew how important a locking front wheel was until I took my son jogging for the first time. As soon as we got going, the baby stroller started to bounce, quite severely. Once I locked the wheel, the bounce went away and it was smooth riding.

Overall, these baby strollers are well built and very versatile. Just be prepared for the additional hassle of getting them everywhere you want to go.

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What to Look for When Buying Baby Strollers?

It is quite obvious that we all have different needs. What seems perfect for one may not even be acceptable to the other. For that reason, we try to give you as many options to accommodate the different requirements of people. When buying a baby stroller, make sure to consider the following

Types of Baby Stroller

This is the most important factor to consider which is affected by your lifestyle or your number of children. If you are always on the move, it is best to buy a baby stroller carseat combo which included a car seat and stroller. If you want to be free of all fuss of a heavy stroller, you should choose a lighter one so you can easily store and transport it. Maybe you are one who prefers streamlines strollers. If you are the active type, fitness oriented, then be sure to buy a jogging stroller. If you have more than one child then it is best if you invest in a double or triple stroller depending on the number of children you have.

Stroller’s Extra Features

Be sure to consider the extra features the baby stroller has to offer. If you like to have a variety of stuff with you during your strolls with your child, then you need a stroller with a roomy basket. It should have a large tray so you can stuff your eatables there. Maybe you need one with an extra-large canopy. Or sometimes you like to listen to your favorite tunes, then be sure to get one with good quality speakers. It should have all the accessories you may need.

Usage of Stroller

One more thing to consider is your style of usage. Have you actively go out with your child? Do you visit different types of terrain everyday with your child? If yes, then you need a versatile and durable baby stroller that can stand the test of time. If you are not the type that likes to go out all the time, then a normal lightweight stroller will be able to fulfill your needs.

Comfort of Using Stroller

Nothing is more important than the comfort of your child. Make sure that the ride you purchase for your child is comfortable. It should have good shocks so that it can absorb those nasty shocks on rough roads. It should have a large canopy to protect your child from the elements. A recline seat is a must so that your baby can rest in comfort whenever he/she wants to.

Stroller’s Warranty

To be on the safe side, make sure there is a long term warranty when buying this necessary product for your child.

How Is a Stroller Designed – Quality Aspects and Components

Let us start by breaking down the basics of a baby stroller, their construction is in accordance with the relevant standards for a specific country for health and safety reasons. For this reason, all strollers commercially available are quality; the difference is in their style, usability and the level to which they adhere to safety standards. The big brands such as BOB, Britax, Joovy and the like all have a great name in the industry because they have provided quality products for a long time and people trust them. That being said there are also some newer brands that still comply with all the safety regulations, look great and are very functional and are less expensive because their “brand” is not as popular, some people may refer to them as “cheap strollers” but in reality they are good quality and less well known in general.

The main functions and components of a baby stroller as typically as follows

Baby Stroller Components Basic
Baby Stroller Components Basic

Wheels for the Stroller

Wheels are arguably the most important component because they move the stroller and that’s its primary function. Look for products with larger wheels, better quality tread, locking features and more. Inflatable wheels aren’t always the best as they’re susceptible to punctures, but they can be good in the case of jogging strollers etc.

Under Carriage for Storage

The under carriage isn’t a feature of all baby strollers but it’s worthwhile, its handy for storing things that you don’t always use but need easy access to. Items such as blankets, wet weather protection, sunscreen and other important things.

Folding Mechanism – Ease of Use

When you take your baby stroller in and out of the car consistently then folding is a big deal, the better the design, the easier your stroller is to fold down for storage or transport. Features such as a quick release lever or looking at folded dimensions will help you find the baby stroller you are after.

Pushing Bar – Comfort & Control

Most of the time when using your stroller, you are holding the pushing bar, either holding it steady or walking or running. The handle should be comfortable and durable – you don’t want it to disintegrate 6 months after you purchase it, for that reason we don’t recommend foam.

Brake – Emergency Scenarios

Brakes aren’t necessary on the handle bar / push bar but they are essential on wheels if you don’t have a hand brake. There is nothing worse than being on an incline and having to hold the stroller for a long period of time.

Seat and Seat Adjustment – Comfort for Your Child

Depending on whether you have a newborn infant or not this feature is debatable. Most toddlers want to be upright all the time and fully upright, newborns obviously need to sleep and be horizontal at times, then vertical at times. Depending on your needs, check the product features and specifications.

Harness / Seat Belt / Safety Straps – Safety Precautions

Ensure that they comply with the relevant regulations, ease of harnessing will save you time, at times we also need a harness or seat belt system that prevents our little “Houdini’s” from escaping so keep this in mind as well.

Cushioning and Padding – Comfort

We all need to be comfortable but also take the washing factor into consideration, water proof or resistant materials can help save you cleaning time.

Wet Weather Protection – Just in Case

We don’t all want to walk in the rain but some of us do and sometimes we just have bad luck and get caught in the rain. If you want to prevent your child from getting a cold and the stroller from getting wet then wet weather protection is a good idea, and usually stored in the under carriage.

Cold Weather Protection – Keeping Your Child Warm

I really mean padding for cold weather protection, wind break materials and covers are handy depending on your local climate.

Frame – Strength and Weight

Lighter is better, look for aluminium, chrome molly and other lightweight stroller options. Steel is strong but heavy when moving the stroller into the car or upstairs.

Hood – Flexibility with the Sun and Weather

Depending on the model of baby stroller the hood may have an opening window at the back, be water proof or not, extend a long way or not, there is plenty to choose from. We favour a larger hood as its always a good idea to keep the sun out of the kids eyes and away from their skin.

The Best Strollers Available – Our Advice

We have sourced all the top advice for best baby stroller reviews. Brands, models, features and more. We know all there is to know about the top strollers out there and why its important to cater for different needs for each mom. The main features that people typically look for in a baby stroller is as follows

Single Carry Strollers

If you only have one child then you definitely don’t need a double or even triple stroller. The best baby strollers for people with one child are definitely single strollers because they are lighter in weight, easier to get in and out of the car, not difficult to manoeuvre at the local coffee shop, manageable when going down stairs and the list goes on. Single baby stroller are less expensive that double strollers and are more readily found too, there are more to choose from which means that you will get a better deal.

Three-Wheel Strollers

Three wheel baby strollers are usually the jogging style strollers, having the front wheel as a single wheel instead of two is usually less resistance when traveling and most models have larger wheels as well. If you are busy and would like to get in some power walking or running with your child then a three wheel stroller / jogging stroller is definitely for you. Speaking from experience i have personally had issues with four wheel strollers, getting wheels stuck in cafe’s and restaurants and also in small cracks in the pavement.

And Other Features Should Be Considered

Bassinet options / Adjustable handlebar / Suspension / Double strollers / Four-wheel strollers / Toddler options / Reversible seating / Travel systems / Big Kid Strollers

How to Select and Buy a Best Baby Stroller?

If you are looking for your first baby stroller for your newborn child, then it can be a very exciting experience. Parents look to give the best possible comfort to their child whenever he/she is out and about with their parents from the house. As a parent you must consider your comfort too, while choosing a baby stroller. The manufacturers of strollers are very savvy these days and they know what people are looking for. There are different types and designs of such equipment available in the market, to find the best one for you, you can do so by evaluating and comparing the most notable/important features and also considering the pros and the downsides of each feature/element.

Different Lifestyle, Different Baby Stroller Type

Different Stroller Types of Different Lifestyles
The Other Following Pointers Will Help All Parents to Make a Wise Decision When Buying a Stroller

  • First of all you must analyze that what kind of a baby stroller you need. There are different types and designs available. You can answer this question by considering the number of children you have. There are single, double and triple strollers available in different styles, designs and features. There are strollers available for jogging parents too.
  • Find out that what basic features you demand. It can be the canopy feature, footrest, headrest and most importantly the safety features for the child. The harness system and the strap features must also be considered.
  • One big thing that the parents look for is the compatibility of the stroller with an infant car seat. There are few products that come with an infant car seat as a package. Moreover, there are some strollers which come with adapters to connect the infant car seat with baby stroller.
  • Convenience is the primary buying guide when choosing such products. There are a number of convenient factors that come in the strollers. The main things to look for are a lightweight stroller which will make it an easy option to move around and pack up. Further, a compact size will allow you easy storage both in your car and also in your house. Parents can also benefit from the cup holder tray and also the storage basket which is mostly available at the underneath of the chair.
  • Look out for the baby stroller reviews for the best product to make your decision. Go for the top brands and do an extensive price comparison to make sure that you are buying a stroller which is cost effective as well. Try to avoid cheap products just for saving money as this approach will cost you more in the long run.

How to Pick the Right Stroller for Your Baby


Parents who have got good analytic, comparing and research skills would find it very easy to find the best baby stroller. Parents who have purchased such products in the past are familiar with a lot of things and it is very rare to see them making any mistake for their second purchase. However, the first timers must take some time out to read out some reviews and a quality buying guide like this before making their decision about a particular stroller.

We have equipped you with all the information that you need to buy the best strollers in the year 2018. Our baby stroller reviews will surely prove more than helpful when you go out to buy one. The most important thing is to make sure that you consider your style of usage and priorities before you buy one. Also consider what is to come in the future. Maybe you plan on raising more children so it may be better to invest in a double or triple stroller. There are many things to consider, but if you know what you want, you will have no trouble finding the perfect one for all tasks and errands.

For more information on any particular type of baby stroller, check out our other detailed articles on each of the categories mentioned above. You can find the links above or in the main menu.

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