Best Umbrella Strollers 2018 – Top Rated Lightweight Stroller Reviews

Becoming parents for the first or any other time is always a very exciting experience. The parents and most particularly the mothers to be spending most of their time in shopping different stuff for their baby. The strollers in this shopping are considered one of the most important items which none of the parents can ever afford to miss. It is true that initially parents look for the most feature enriched strollers which could provide them maximum productivity. But with time, most of the parents realize that the feature enriched strollers are bulky and not easy at all to manage, especially when they are on the move and far from their house.

The best and the wisest decision has ever been to find a stroller which is lightweight, convenient to manage and has got a number of useful features to accommodate both the parents and the kids in the stroller

Here Lightweight Strollers and Umbrella Strollers Are

There umbrella strollers are given the name because they open up and close very conveniently like an umbrella. The lightweight strollers are the best as they are made from a very lightweight but sturdy frame. The material of the frame usually is the aluminum, which has got the power and the comfort that every other parent is looking for. Apart from this, such strollers use very comfortable and lightweight fabric which is comfortable and sturdy at the same time. They are convenient because of their compact size and then they also have the ability to fold up quite conveniently and compactly so that you can easily take them in hand wherever you want.

Firstly, we made a comparison chart of Best Lightweight Strollers and Umbrella Strollers for your choice

Top 5 Best Lightweight Strollers and Umbrella Strollers

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Mountain Buggy Nano StrollerWith this option, you won’t need to purchase additional adapters because it comes as infant car seat ready:

  • Just like its name suggests, it’s an ultra-compact stroller that can shrink to a size unimaginable when folded for easy transport and storage.
  • It weighs 13 pounds, while being 22 inches wide, which are really small numbers for a stroller.
  • This umbrella stroller even meets the regulations of airline carrion luggage due to its fast two-step folding process.
  • It can accommodate a max weight of 44 pounds so it will prove fine in the long run.

You may need to get something bigger if you are thinking long term. But it will prove fine in most cases. It is also surprisingly safe considering its innovative weight and size. You can rest easy that if you do order this stroller, you will receive nothing short of premium quality, excellence and refined style.

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Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

Chicco Capri Lightweight StrollerWith its 11-pound weight, you will be surprised as to the power and performance of this Chicco Capri Stroller:

  • It has the features of a full stroller minus the heavy weight and bulky look.
  • With its rugged design, this stroller makes every ride smooth and comfortable through its front wheel suspension.
  • The removable and adjustable canopy improves its versatility so you can use at day or night to effectively protect your child from the heat or cold.
  • You can place everything in one place with its large basket so you are sure you got everything that you need from bottles to towels.
  • The two-position reclining seat gives the child a better option while on the ride. Giving your child maximum protection is the five-point harness to absorb impact and minimize injury. On your next day out, simply place the stroller in its carry bag and you are ready to go.

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Chicco C6 Stroller

Chicco C6 StrollerAnother lightweight stroller from Chicco is C6 Stroller that comes with the versatile and classic all black:

  • Built with aluminum frame, the same weighs only 11 pounds and can carry as much as a 37-pound kid.
  • It features a multi position reclining seat that accommodates children whether for short or long walks.
  • As compared to other stroller models, C6 Stroller has rounder and larger canopy for maximum protection from the sun, wind or cold.
  • The front wheel swivel locks and all-wheel suspension can take your stroller anywhere and make the ride smooth and safe.
  • Speaking of safety, this stroller prevents possible injury with its reliable and protective padded five point harness.
  • From performance to fashion, C6 is an instant crowd pleaser with its fashionable carry bag and strap so you can carry it in style.

A big hit in the market, the Chicco C6 Stroller showcases solid construction, ultimate comfort, and excellent performance.

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Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight StrollerOne advantage of lightweight stroller is that they are more economical than regular or full strollers, which is why they make among traveling parents’ list of favorites. And if you are looking for a travel-friendly stroller that is likewise built with functionality for optimum performance, Kolcraft got it covered with this Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller:

  • It is made of steel and polyester and weighs only 12 pounds with the multi position reclining seat accommodating as heavy as 50 pounds.
  • It places safety and comfort at the top of its priorities.
  • The stroller is constructed with all-terrain wheels for versatility and smooth ride, thereby making it easier to maneuver.
  • The three-tier canopy is beneficial for the child’s UV protection.
  • It is designed with two pairs of cup holders for the child and the parent.
  • Moreover, it instantly saves some space with its single hand and standing fold. The said feature comes as a total advantage when transporting by land so you can just easily sneak it in the car.

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Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience StrollerThe list of the best lightweight stroller will not be complete without this award winning 3D Lite Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant:

  • While the same weighs less than 12 pounds, it is built durably with its innovative air-light aluminum frame. Your child will definitely feel safe and comfortable on the roomy stroller.
  • At day, you can use the adjustable canopy with visor for better coverage against UV rays.
  • It features a multi position reclining seat that you can even extend to nearly flat for kids who want to take a nap or just relax.
  • You can use 3D Lite stroller for a longer time, because aside from its durability, it is equipped with a five-point harness that you can adjust into three height positions.
  • Summer Infant offers a large basket to hold the kid’s essentials and a rear storage pocket for keys, money, and phone.
  • For mobility purposes, you can use the carry strap to transport the same.

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Why Buy an Umbrella Stroller?

The best thing about umbrella strollers is their light weight and portability. They typically take very little space when they’re folded up, so they’re great for carrying around in the trunk of your car. Their lightweight makes it very easy to carry them form one point to another, so you won’t have to worry about straining yourself to lug it around. They are also smaller than their bulky counterparts and are very easy to maneuver and turn in tight spaces. Most of them are also forward facing so your child can always see what’s going on and less likely to become bored. Umbrella strollers are definitely a great stress free option when it comes to the different types of strollers.

Benefits of Lightweight Strollers and Umbrella Strollers

  • Convenience is at the top of the benefits’ list. They are easy to manage, fold up and carry, no matter wherever you are.
  • They offer certain useful features such as a reasonably resourceful storage space, ergonomic handles and comfortable seating space.
  • The best umbrella stroller is preferred because of their immense low and affordable prices. In comparison to the other types of strollers, it also offers good life span and at the same time are far cheaper.
  • The sunshades are introduced in such types which brings a lot of convenience for the occupant especially when he is out in the open on a sunny day.
  • They are very much compact so you will be having all the convenience when you are shopping in busy shopping centers or when you have to go through airport security checks.
Umbrella Lightweight Stroller
The Most Important Thing of Umbrella Strollers is Lighter than Other Types

How to Determine the Best Umbrella Strollers and Lightweight Strollers

The light weight and the umbrella stroller without any doubt have got a number of features to impress a lot of prospective parents who actually are hunting for the most convenient stroller for their kids. The best lightweight stroller or the umbrella one could be determined by following the below given points

Brands of Umbrella Stroller

The number one point in this category is to check the brand where the best one matters. A brand that has a proven track record of providing quality products, can influence your decision, especially when you carry out a deep research on various products primarily on the basis of the brand. You may not opt to get a product from an unknown or a new company if there is not plenty of reviews given to it.

Umbrella Stroller’s Safety Features

The umbrella lightweight stroller should be checked for its safety features as they can be dangerous out in the open. Look for their locking, belt and the brake mechanism which is directly associated with the safety of your child. As you know that they are lightweight so there must be some attendant right next to the stroller whenever the kid is inside. Look for something which can make you relax in terms of the safety of the child.

Additional Features

Look for the additional features such as the extended canopies and the amount of storage space it has to offer. This brings convenience both for the child and the parents. You should look for the most convenient and utility based stroller that is available in the category.

Types of Umbrella Stroller

The looks of such types of stroller matter a lot and you are lucky to find so much variety in terms of its designs and colors. So, take your time and look for the best one which is soothing to your eyes and equally comfortable at the same time.

Look for the style factor as there are numerous colors and designs available which can surely mesmerize you. So, take time and make sure that you have the very best umbrella or the lightweight stroller in hand.

Umbrella Strollers Price

Search for the best ones and also ensure that you get the best price. The price is ensured if you look at all the shopping sources including the internet as well. The internet deals are the best which surely will let you buy a top product at the best possible price.

Durable of Umbrella Strollers

Check the umbrella stroller that you are looking to purchase as, if it can grow with the needs of your baby? This is a very critical feature as in such way a stroller would last as long as your child needs it.

More Factors to Consider in Choosing Best Umbrella Stroller

More factors to consider in choosing best umbrella stroller.

Keep Child’s Age in Mind

When shopping, it’s best to keep in mind the age of the child that will be riding in the stroller. Keep in mind that most umbrella strollers are not made for newborn babies. They are designed for toddlers to ride safely in them. Some strollers also have weight limits so make sure you pay attention to that as well.

Size of the Stroller

Size is a very important factor when shopping for a stroller. Make sure that you choose one that fits your needs. If you drive a small compact car, then you should look for one that will be able to fold up and fit in your trunk easily. Also, if you have trouble lifting heavy objects you should choose one that is light weight and easy to lift. Choosing one with a smaller wheel base will also make it easier to maneuver in small areas.

Purpose of the Stroller

Think about how and where you will be using the stroller. If you plan on taking it to the park or other outdoor environments, you may want to consider buying one that has larger wheels. There’s nothing more annoying that enjoying a nice day in the park with your child and having to stop every few seconds because the wheels get stuck on small pebbles. Getting stuck on a pebble or rock while pushing a stroller can also be dangerous for your child because it can cause it to come to a abrupt stop which forces it to jerk forward. The weather should also be considered when choosing the best stroller. Some strollers have the ability to attach a cover to protect your child from rain, snow, and wind.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Best Umbrella Stroller
Factors to Consider in Choosing Best Umbrella Stroller

As you can see, there’s a few things you should remember to consider when deciding which umbrella stroller to purchase. But, if you spend the time to “do your homework” it will be well worth you time because you won’t end up buying a stroller that doesn’t meet your needs and is stressful to use. It will also make your life as a parent seem just a little bit easier.

Umbrella Stroller Safety

Points below should be considered when buying a lightweight and umbrella stroller

Stroller Seat

The first feature that you should consider when buying an umbrella stroller is the seat. Your child should feel comfortable once you put him or her on the stroller. If the baby needs to be there for so long, you have to make sure that the padding of the stroller you choose is comfortable. Its fabric must be soft and washable because it might get dirty for some time. Likewise, I would suggest that you choose a stroller with 5-point safety harness. I found several brands with this feature and you are free to choose one based on your preferences and budget.

Canopy of Stroller

This feature is responsible for protecting your baby against the harmful rays of the sun while strolling. It must be removable and retracted for easy cleaning. I chose a brand that has a peek-a-boo feature which I used to make my son laugh whenever we go out with his stroller.

Stroller Storage

Another thing is the storage. Be sure to choose a stroller that has an easy to access storage where you can place the necessities of your baby like diapers, wipes, bibs and many more. It must be roomy and easy to reach even when the seat was reclined.


In looking for the best umbrella stroller for your child, you have to choose one according to your own preference. You need to think about the right type as well as the size of wheels. I want to let you know that there are 3 kinds of stroller wheels and each of these have different features. Most parents choose the solid composite wheels because of their ability to last for a lifetime. They are extremely durable.

Weight Capacity of Umbrella Stroller

Of course, you have to take note that you have to find out the weight capacity of the umbrella stroller that you want to buy. See to it that it has the highest maximum weight capacity. There are several models of double umbrella strollers in the market. Try to compare the models that suit your preference before making your final decision.

These are the factors that you should consider when buying an umbrella stroller for your baby. There are expensive and cheap umbrella strollers in the market. You have to look at them one by one and choose the model that can really suits the needs of your son or daughter. The best umbrella stroller will always be the one that is ideal to use to have an enjoyable strolling every day.


An umbrella stroller is a great stroller for those who need a stroller that would not pose any hassles to accommodate a bulky, heavy and a full sized stroller. A lightweight umbrella stroller is best for an easy usage and when you need a quick folding stroller that would fit in your small car back and would cover little space that will be equivalent to the space occupied by an umbrella. Such strollers are best for toddlers and for kids who can stay seated in a simple stroller. These strollers are very easy in handling on the road and requires little effort while walking. So, if you have got an idea about these strollers and have decided about the one you like the most, then don’t waste your tie and make your purchase to enjoy its benefits.

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